Reduce Bottled Water Use

Our certification mark promotes a more sustainable water consumption model, reducing the need for bottled water.

Cost-Efficient Solution

By implementing our Certified Drinking Water label, expenses related to purchasing, transporting, and maintaining bottled water will be significantly reduced.

Quality Assurance

Our KBA label guarantees the purity and cleanliness of tap water. Together, we can change water consumption habits and minimize the ecological footprint by reducing the costs of purchasing bottled water.

About Kristal Blue Aqua Certification Mark

Our world faces numerous challenges such as overconsumption, global warming, and overproduction. Kristal Blue Aqua focuses on addressing the global water consumption crisis. Many people are hesitant to drink tap water, particularly in public spaces, due to concerns about water filtration quality. The common solution has been to rely on plastic or glass bottled water, which contributes to pollution and waste.

The Kristal Blue Aqua Certification Mark aims to break this cycle by ensuring high-quality tap water is available where it is consumed. By setting high standards for tap water quality, we can reduce the production, transportation, and pollution associated with bottled water.

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Solutions Offered by Kristal Blue Aqua

Our KBA Mark significantly reduces bottled water usage by setting stringent standards for tap water quality.

We encourage eco-friendly practices in the hospitality industry by requiring the use of reusable glass bottles and prohibiting single-use plastic cups and disposable goods.

We assure customers of the high quality of filtered water offered by companies that adhere to Kristal Blue Aqua's certification standards.

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