Who we are

The Kristal Blue Aqua Certification Mark is the holder of the trademark rights and is coordinated internationally from the HQ in Belgium.

Kristal Blue Aqua is valued worldwide as a certification mark that applies high standards. Kristal Blue Aqua has taken on the responsibility of changing people’s mindsets about water consumption.

Our Mission

As society becomes increasingly aware of climate change and related environmental issues, it is vital that we adopt sustainable consumption habits. Kristal Blue Aqua is dedicated to transforming the way people view water consumption by setting high standards for tap water quality. Every company that complies with the requirements of the Regulation Governing Use of Kristal Blue Aqua has the guarantee that the water it uses is of the highest quality.

Our Process

Upholding High Standards

In our rapidly developing world, we still face the issue of using plastic and glass as the primary materials for food packaging. While our society is moving towards reducing non-degradable substances in single-use products, we are still far from completely replacing these materials. This problem has not been fully addressed as a major contributor to overproduction.

Kristal Blue Aqua aims to replace the entire cycle of bottled water production by imposing high standards on tap water in hospitality venues, companies, and public places. KBA ensures the provision of high-quality tap water for consumers by certifying the water purification framework.

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